Festival of the Arts

Visual Arts

At Festival, you can check out artwork from 144 different artists hailing from around the world! From mixed media to jewelry to photography, you’ll find beauty in every direction.

Festival of the Arts returns to Bicentennial Park April 25 – 30, 2023. Check out the work of all 144 Festival artists below to ensure you’re prepared! 


Margaret Aden – Booth 24C

Keith & Cathryn Bassett – Booth 21A

Michael Bonardi – Booth 15A

Mary Lou Christie – Booth 18C

Jenna Hirt – Booth 24A

Liam Hughes – Booth 12C
Marti Johnson – Booth 13B
Busarin Kittichareonsup – Booth 2C
Mary & Jon Lee – Booth 7B
Juan Lee – Booth 32C
Matthew Naftzger – Booth 11D
Emre Tekeli – Booth 3A


Diane Allison – Booth 21D
Jenny Dillon – Booth 16C
Sharon Fujimoto- Booth 27A
Scott Garrett’s – Booth 19A
Eric Mort – Booth 11A
Stephen Nelson – Booth 14C
Jim Shelley – Booth 3C
David Tate – Booth 9A
Leonard Tinnell – Booth 20A


David Lee Anderson – Booth 12A
Whitney Batres – Booth 31A
Earnest Benton Jr. – Booth 18B

Brandon Bray – Booth 25B

Jenny Bullard – Booth 33B
Steve Childers – Booth 5D
Madeline Dillner – Booth 13C
Kris Fairchild – Booth 26C
Rob Fannin – Booth 20D
Lauren Florence – Booth 1B
Bill Gordon- Booth 5A
Chelsea Holcomb – Booth 8C
Mindy Huntress – Booth 33A
Jim Keffer – Booth 11A
Rory Morgan – Booth 15B
Daryl Price – Booth 23C
Sharon Spillar – Booth 28D
Thomas Stotts – Booth 3B
Bryon Test – Booth 24D
Robin Thompson – Booth 15D
Christopher Westfall – Booth 9B
Dean Wilhite – Booth 14B
Jason Wilson – Booth 16A
Lauren Wright – Booth 17B
Bryan Yung – Booth 19B


Cort Anderson – Booth 26A
Dona Bollard – Booth 6B
Alex Burke – Booth 1D
Chris Carr – Booth 4D
Timm Chapman – Booth 3D
Michael Chen – Booth 29C
Eric Clay – Booth 36A
James Cole – Booth 32A
Dana Echols – Booth 9C
Jesper Johansen – Booth 17C
Kelly Langley – Booth 2D
David Mayhew – Booth 6C
Kurt McDaniel – Booth 2B
Craig Roderick – Booth 7A
Jason Wallace – Booth 30C
Steve Wewerka – Booth 23A


Domenico Belli – Booth 26D
Mark Danker – Booth 8D
Jerry Locke – Booth 31D
Kevin Lubbers – Booth 32B
Steve Schneider – Booth 6D
Charles Sherman – Booth 25D
Chris Swedzinski – Booth 7D
Michael Terra – Booth 29A
Robert Nehring – Booth 34D


Daniel Bennett – Booth 31C
Chad Collins – Booth 9D
Matt Conlon – Booth 14D
Rebecca & Roy Evanovich – Booth 20B
Mark Fuller – Booth 1A
Noah Kirk – Booth 15C
Greg Lathrop – Booth 34A
William Mantor – Booth 29D
Katy Nickell – Booth 35B
Gretchen Nothhouse – Booth 12D
Kyle Osvog – Booth 27D
Rebecca & Gint Sabaliauskas – Booth 36B

3D Mixed Media

Rich & Tracey Bewley – Booth 25C
Stephen Hackley – Booth 27C
Brian Heritage – Booth 13A
John Hernandez – Booth 13B
Karen & Edward Matheke – Booth 1C
Jackie & Charles Nipper – Booth 27C

2D Mixed Media

John Cheng – Booth 7C
Taylor Clendennen – Booth 10D
Alex Grimmer – Booth 13D
Jennifer Lashbrook – Booth 29B
Hilary McQueen – Booth 8A
Kasie Sallee – Booth 36C
Haylee Shoop – Booth 35A
Chris Vance – Booth 30A


Kerry Billington – Booth 28C
Justin Clements – Booth 35C
George Coll – Booth 6A
Daphne Covington – Booth 28B
Roger Disney – Booth 22B
Suzanne DuCom – Booth 33D
Maggie Grier – Booth 8B
Kenneth Halvorsen – Booth 30D
Tim Kenney – Booth 10C
Mary James Ketch – Booth 5B
Joachim Knill – Booth 10A
Jhiyi Li – Booth 26B
Dawn Normali – Booth 2A
Eirich Olson – Booth 16B
Kelly Pennington – Booth 12B
Annette Poitau – Booth 22D
Julie Roth – Booth 34C
Sharon Sudduth – Booth 4B
Tanja Ware – Booth 17A
David Yuan – Booth 23C
Darrell George – Booth 18A

Drawing Digital Printmaking

Dorshak Blok – Booth 18D
Michael Bond – Booth 19D
CJ Bradford – Booth 24B
Jason Bruce – Booth 28A
Anne Byrd – Booth 11C
Liza Compass – Booth 4A
Emily Edmunds – Booth 14A
Douglas Fulks – Booth 33C
Adam Hoffman – Booth 31B
Jon Jahraus – Booth 34B
Kenneth Kudulis – Booth 22A
Kenneth Kudulis – Booth 21B
Jesse Kunerth – Booth 23D
Dane Shue – Booth 35D
Angie Spears – Booth 10B


Joshua Bradley – Booth 21C
Nathan Hemperly – Booth 4C
Aubrey Hogan – Booth 32D
Kris Kratz – Booth 25A
John Russel – Booth 30B
Robert Wing – Booth 19C


Megan DeSmidt – Booth 27B
Diane Lawrence – Booth 36D
Veronique Loggins – Booth 5C
Janvier Ngamijiyaremye – Booth 17D

Festival News