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Culinary Arts

From appetizers to desserts, the Festival is a celebration of the culinary arts!  Thirty vendors bring their specialties to the International Food Row and the Youth Plaza.  Each food vendor is partnered with a local arts organization, so each bite you take supports the arts in central Oklahoma!

2014 Food Vendors

Blue Belle Grill & Pollard Theatre                                                  Booth 17

Spinach and Artichoke Dip -$8.00

Fried Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy -$8.00                      

Handmade Blueberry Pies and Whipped Cream -$7.00

Bodacious Burritos & Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park    Booth 14

Taco Salad (Beef or Chicken) -$8.50

Chipotle Beef Burrito -$9.00

Garlic Chicken Burrito -$9.00

Black Bean and Spinach Burrito -$9.00

Add Sour Cream or Jalapenos -$0.50

Brewer Entertainment Inc. & [Artspace] at Untitled                   Booth 9

Chopped Brisket Sandwich w/ Potato Salad -$9.00

Pork Tenderloin Sandwich w/ Potato Salad -$9.00

Jumbo Turkey Leg -$9.00

Smoked BBQ Rib Dinner w/ Potato Salad -$9.00

Café do Brasil & Flamenco Fantastico of the Everything Goes Dance Studio                  Booth 20

Feijoada Rolinho/Shrimp Pastel -$4.00

Spinach Salad -$6.00

Spinach Salad w/Chicken -$7.00

Chicken Stroganoff -$8.00

Brasilian Pie -$6.00

Brasilian Pie w/ Spinach Salad -$8.00

Craig & Carter’s Famous Fish Tacos & Oklahoma City Philharmonic Orchestra/Society        Booth 13

Chicken-on-a-stick -$2.50/3 for $6

Fish Tacos/ Sandwich -$7.50

Pork Carnitas Tacos w/ Salsa Rustica -$7.50

Southern Fried Okra -$4.00

Chocolate Meltdown -$5.00

Dippin’ Dots and Metropolitan School of Dance            Cart D &G

Dippin’ Dots (small) -$4.00

Dippin’ Dots (medium) -$5.00

Dippin’ Dots (large) -$7.00

Dippin’ Dots Brownie Sundae -$4.00

Floats -$5.00

Kookie Poofs -$3.00

Toppings -$1.00

Goode Snacks & Irish Arts Oklahoma                                 Cart I

Regular Buttered Popcorn (small) -$1.00

Regular Buttered Popcorn (medium) -$3.00

Regular Buttered Popcorn (large) -$5.00

Original Kettle Korn -$6.00

Caramel Kettle Korn -$6.00

Cotton Candy -$3.00

Goode Snacks & Irish Arts Oklahoma                                    Cart J

Regular Buttered Popcorn (small) -$1.00

Regular Buttered Popcorn (medium) -$3.00

Regular Buttered Popcorn (large) -$5.00

Cotton Candy -$3.00

Gopuram-Taste of India & Oklahoma City International Folk Dancers                 Booth 10

Pakora  (Fried Spinach) -$5.00

Crispy Appetizer (Vegetarian) -$7.00

Tandoori Platter -$8.00

Veggie Platter -$8.00

Gopuram Package -$8.00

Mango-La (small) -$3.00

Mango-La (large) -$4.00

Guiltless Concessions & The Harn Homestead Museum                  Booth 1

Fancy Chicken Salad Croissant w/ Potato Salad -$8.00

Creamy Cran – N – Turkey Croissant w/ Potato Salad -$8.00

Ham & Cheddar Croissant w/ Potato Salad -$7.00

Chocolate Suicide Sundae -$7.00

Apple Pie a la Mode Sundae -$7.00

Chocolate Banana Royal Sundae -$7.00

Cinn & Corruption Sundae -$7.00

Caramel Knowledge Sundae -$7.00

Nana Berry Heaven Sundae -$7.00

Inca Trail Peruvian Restaurant & Red Earth                                                     Booth 21

Pollo a la Brasa w/ French Fries -$6.00

Salchipollo (Fried Chicken w/ French Fries and Sliced Hot Dogs) -$7.00    

Salchipapas (French Fries w/ Sliced Hot Dogs) -$5.00

Ceviche de Pescado -$8.00

Indian Taco                                                                                  Booth 18

Indian Taco -$9.00

Vegetarian Indian Taco -$9.00

Fry Bread & Honey -$5.00    

Add Sour Cream or Jalapenos -$0.50    

Interurban & Canterbury Choral Society                                Booth 7

Blackened Chicken Sandwich -$7.00

Honey Pepper Bacon Chicken Sandwich -$8.00

Tequila Bread Pudding -$5.00

w/ Ice Cream -$6.00

Just Nuts & Black Liberated Arts Center, Inc.                                                     Cart B

Cinnamon Roasted Almonds, Pecans, or Cashews (4 oz. bag) -$4.00/ 2 for $7.00

Cinnamon Roasted Almonds, Pecans, or Cashews (8 oz. bag) -$7.00/ 2 for $12.00

Kona Ice & Norman Arts Council                                                              Cart H

Kiddie Kona -$3.00

Regular Kona -$4.00

King Kona -$5.00

Add Cream Drizzle -$0.50

LOCAL & deadCenter Film Festival                                                     Booth 6

Meatloaf Sundae (Gluten Free) -$9.00

Caramel Maple Bacon Pecan Cinnamon Roll -$6.00

Mandy’s Filipino Food and Polynesian Taste & Weitzenhoffer School of Musical Theatre- OU        Booth 8

Poly Plate – BBQ Chicken, Pancit, Potato Salad and Rice -$8.00

Single Item – BBQ Chicken or Pancit (Filipino Noodles) -$7.00

Lumpia (Filipino Eggroll) -$2.00 or 3 for $5.00

Rice or Potato Salad -$2.00

Maui Wowi Hawaiian Smoothies & AALIM Dance Academy                            Cart C

 Fruit Smoothie 14 oz -$5.00

Fruit Smoothie 20 oz -$6.00

Mustard’s Last Stand & Arts Council of Oklahoma City

Iced Tea -$2.00

Hot Chocolate -$1.00

Coffee (Regular or Decaf) -$1.00

French Vanilla Cappuccino -$2.00

Ozarka Bottled Water -$2.00

Minute Maid Juice -$2.00

Fuze  -$2.00

Nachos -$2.00

Frito Chili Pie -$2.00

Hot Dog (Plain) -$2.00

Hot Dog (Chili, Cheese, Onions or Jalapenos) -$3.00

Napoleon’s                                                                                          Booth 19

Crepes -$6.00

Crepes -$9.00

Croques-Monsieur Sandwich -$10.00

Traditional French Baguette Sandwich -$8.00

OKC Special Events & Red Earth, Inc.                                                                      Booth 15

Bratwurst or Knackwurst Sandwich w/ Sauerkraut or Onions & Peppers -$6.00

Polish or Italian Sausage Sandwich w/ Sauerkraut or Onions & Peppers -$6.00

Spicy Chicken Bratwurst Sandwich w/ Sauerkraut or Onions & Peppers -$6.00

Sausage Dinner w/ Sauerkraut, Potato Salad, Purple Cabbage, Bun -$8.50

Soft Serve Ice Cream – Vanilla, Chocolate, or Swirl

Waffle Cone -$5.00

Cup -$4.00

Toppings  -$1.00

PaPa’s Greek Foods & Allied Arts                                                                                Booth 4

Gyros or Chicken Gyros Sandwich -$7.00

Hot & Spicy Gyro or Chicken Gyro Sandwich -$8.00

Greek Salad -$6.00

Baklava -$3.00

Spanakopita -$3.00

Rodney & Lisa Ltd, LLC & Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition             Cart E

Fresh Spun Cotton Candy  -$4.00

Caramel Apple or Caramel Apple w/ Nuts -$4.00

Old Fashioned Candy Apple -$4.00

Fancy Caramel Apple -$6.00

Real Fruit Slushies (Cherry, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Orange, Lime) -$5.00

Rodney & Lisa Ltd, LLC & Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition              Booth 16

Pizza Slice -$5.00

Double Stuffed Pizza Slice -$8.00

Calzone -$8.00

Stromboli -$8.00

Cheesy Sticks w/ Dipping Sauce -$5.00

Cinnamon Apple Dessert Pizza -$5.00

Scoop’s Italian Ice & Cimarron Circuit Opera Company                      Cart A

 Italian Ice (small) -$4.00

Italian Ice (medium) -$5.00

Italian Ice (large) -$6.00

Smoke Stack BBQ & Prairie Dance Theatre                                          Booth 2

Pulled Pork Parfait -$8.00

Moink Balls on a Stick -$7.00

BBQ Nachos -$8.00

Pulled Pork Sandwich -$6.00

Pulled Pork Sandwich w/ Chips and choice of BBQ Beans or Potato Salad -$9.00

Strawberries Newport & Science Museum Oklahoma                      Booth 12

Strawberries Newport -$7.00

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries -$5.00

Sweet Corn Express & Oklahoma History Center Volunteers                     Booth 11

Roasted Corn on the Cob -$4.00

Baked Potato w/ Butter, Sour Cream, Cheese & Spices  -$7.00

Chopped Brisket Potato w/ Butter, Sour Cream, Cheese & Spices -$8.00

Frozen Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake on a Stick -$5.00

The Sugar Shack Sweets and Treats & Fiber Artists of Oklahoma                           Booth 5

Cake Slice (Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, German Chocolate) -$6.00

Cupcake (Lemon, Strawberry Champagne, Vanilla Bean, Rocky Road, Margarita) -$4.00

Brownie Button -$3.00

Caramel Apple -$5.00

Cookie (S’more Please, O’reOMGOSH, Snickerdoodle) -$3.00

Waffle Awesome & Paseo Arts Association                                          Booth 3

Chicken N’ Waffle -$8.00

Patty Melt Waffle -$8.00

S’more Waffle -$7.00

Strawberry, Banana and Nutella Waffle -$7.00


For more information about the selection of the 2014 International Food Row vendors at Festival of the Arts, click here.


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