Get Involved

Because Oklahomans understand the importance of arts education to students and schools, a partnership of arts and culture agencies, coordinated by Arts Council Oklahoma City, is bridging the gap left by cuts to visual and performing arts staffing in Oklahoma City elementary schools.

Sponsors or Business Partners

Support the nonprofits’ expanded programs, collectively or individually, through funding and volunteer assistance.

Arts Organizations

Share who you are and what you can offer with Arts Council Oklahoma City and stay informed about community needs.

Teaching Artists

You are needed to supplement and enrich students’ lives! Propose classes, seek training, or contact Jill Coker at to get on our teaching artist list.

School Representatives

​Outline your needs and dreams that the arts can serve, such as:

  • Academic: music curriculum increases math learning
  • Community: parental engagement Practical: more planning time for classroom teachers

Parents and Community Members

Advocate for arts inclusion by supporting your local schools and community arts organizations, and connecting with your District-wide programs and the Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools.

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