Neighborhood Arts

Neighborhood Arts, a collaboration with the Metropolitan Library System, will be available online this summer. Neighborhood Arts is a summer staple that provides performances for families across the metro that are fun, free, and interactive!

Enjoy a variety of musical styles and performance arts through June and July with a line-up full of fun, energetic performers, new and old. Each performer will go on tour for two weeks at a time, recording and streaming from a variety of locations in and around Oklahoma City. Performances can be viewed at 10:00am and 3:00pm from Arts Council OKC or Metropolitan Library System websites and Facebook. Keep scrolling for future dates and links to special performances!

Neighborhood Arts Summer Performances Online

Dustin Cooper

Little Folk Sing-along
All Access Arts

OKC Improv

Neighborhood Arts Special Performance Premiers at 3:00pm 7/13/20
All Access Arts