Creative Aging

The Creative Aging initiative places professional teaching artists in various senior living facilities across Oklahoma City to provide weekly programming that reaches those with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other physical and cognitive challenges.

Classes include different levels of visual arts and creative writing instruction and are designed to make seniors at various stages of their lives feel confident and proud of the work they create.

Rather than crafts, participants in the Creative Aging program learn fine arts techniques and create beautiful artifacts they can proudly display in their rooms or give as gifts to loved ones. The program gives participants time away from the ordinary to socialize with peers and engage in stimulating and enriching activities. It can be therapeutic and is often described as the highlight of the week for many people in assisted living centers.

"We, at Canterbury, have found that this art program draws the residents out of themselves and into a creative and colorful place where they can express themselves freely. This is especially meaningful to those who are dealing with dementia in its various stages."

Mary Shrum, Program Director at The Fountains at Canterbury

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