Art Moves

Art Moves artists perform and demonstrate their artistry daily from popular downtown locations or livestreaming from their studio or homes!  Help us support our local artist by joining us weekdays at Arts Council Oklahoma City’s facebook page for live-streaming performances  and check out the weekly line up below. 


Art Moves is an Arts Council OKC initiative that provides free arts events  each workday from Noon-1:00. Events  took place in various downtown locations and may include artist demonstrations or musical performances. The daily line-up features a wide range of artistic mediums including musical and theater performances, live art demonstrations, short film selections, and more

Art Moves Lineup

Watch live weekdays at 12:oopm cst on Facebook!

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Interested in becoming an Art Moves artist?

If you want to know how you can share your art to the community, contact Art Moves Director Chase Kerby and apply today!

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