Meet the 2020 Opening Night Co-Chairs


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It may seem a little early to be talking about 2020, but we’re already counting down the days to our incredible New Year’s Eve celebration, Opening Night! We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the 2020 Opening Night Co-Chairs, Leah Roper and David Rackley.

We put together a little Q and A to help you get to know them better.

Q: What sparked your interest in volunteering with Arts Council OKC and Opening Night?

LEAH: Opening Night 2015 was my first volunteer experience with Arts Council OKC. I was at a swearing-in ceremony for admission to the Western District of Oklahoma when that year’s co-chair for Opening Night mentioned that he was looking for some volunteers. I had just moved to Oklahoma City that summer and was looking for a way to get involved in the community, so of course, I signed up. Everyone was so supportive, and the event was so much fun, it’s a no-brainer to keep coming back. I’m honored to be one of the chairs this year – especially with a rock star like David. Arts Council OKC, including both the staff and other volunteers, are like a family, and participating in these events is one great way to keep seeing them all.

Q: What are the biggest challenges you may face when preparing for such a large event?

DAVID: With the incredible staff at Arts Council OKC and so many amazing volunteers working beside Leah and I, my biggest challenge will probably be containing my excitement between now and then. I have to realize that not everyone wants to engage in conversations about the magic of New Year’s Eve in August. But seriously, how incredible it is that so many people, from such diverse walks of life, all come together with one common goal; to celebrate the previous 365 days and look forward to the next!

Q: What about Opening Night are you most excited?

LEAH: For me, it’s all about spending New Year’s with friends. I’m really excited that we will all be there together for music, food, and fun! New Year’s Eve is all about celebrating the year’s accomplishments with the people you love while looking forward to the year to come. It’s exhilarating to be putting together a team to make that happen for all of Oklahoma City!

DAVID: Like most, I get excited about all things new. I love the thought of reflecting on the things that have been accomplished in 2019, while pondering what new things are in store for 2020 and watching the fireworks with loved ones.

If you want to be part of the magic that goes into the making of Opening Night, the best way to get involved is to volunteer on a committee. For more information, email

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