Artisans experience hands-on Glass Blowing class


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This first-time event was one to be remembered for the Artisans! The young professionals group visited Blue Sage Studios for an interactive class on Glass Blowing.

Attendees took turns personally creating blown glass ornaments to take home while the rest of the attendees mingled and enjoyed beer provided by Coop. 84 Hospitality provided pizza, garlic knots and spinach cups from Empire Slice House and delectable donuts from Neon Coffee.

Each person started by selecting two colors for their ornament before being personally walked through the process of gathering the liquid glass and shaping it on a cold steel table. After that, the glass is reheated and carefully dipped into the chosen colors. One more trip through a high-powered furnace that heats the glass to over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s time to blow and shape the orb!

The resulting masterpiece is a take-home treasure that will serve as a reminder of this great event and great organization for years to come!

The Artisans is made up of young professionals who have a passion for the arts and who volunteer for Arts Council OKC’s events and programming. Artisans is one of the few young professionals’ groups in the area that does not require a monetary donation to participate. The vision is to integrate Artisans into Arts Council Oklahoma City programs and events through volunteerism and arts advocacy. Join the Artisans and connect with other young professionals who share your love of volunteerism, the arts, and Oklahoma City.

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