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All Access Arts Online

All Access Arts, a program of Arts Council Oklahoma City (ACOKC), is addressing the issues and impact of COVID-19 to the program’s multiple teaching facilities. The solution is to provide online curriculum and teaching videos which are now accessible from ACOKC’s website. Online lessons are geared towards All Access Arts’ initiatives: Art in Schools and Creative Aging.

Peter Dolese, Executive Director of ACOKC, says, “Our mission here at Arts Council Oklahoma City is to ‘Bring the Arts and the Community Together.’  That mission hasn’t changed, but the way we deliver is shifting to new formats to ensure we continue to reach the many populations of students and seniors that depend on our services. More than ever, continuing classes for newly home-schooled kids and senior centers is our primary concern.”

Under the guidance of Jillian Coker, All Access Arts Director, a three-tiered plan was put into place. “Just like our in-person classes, our new online lessons will still cater to a wide range of ages and abilities.” Lessons and videos, prepared by the program’s current teaching artists, will be updated weekly on ACOKC’s website and social media platforms. Activities include art competitions and inventive at-home projects. “Among other things, students can expect to find simple lessons that make use of items found in the home, studio tours by our professional teaching artists, and fun arts related activities to print out for later,” says Coker.

All Access Arts is also partnering up with Positive Tomorrows’ backpack program. “We are so excited to offer art kits to at-risk students of Positive Tomorrows.  Working with their amazing staff, we will create fun art projects and lessons to keep kids actively involved with the arts during these difficult times,” says Dolese.

 As the name implies, ACOKC stands by the program’s mission of “access to the arts for all.”  “As our community takes important social distancing steps, providing arts education and experiences is as crucial as it’s ever been,” says Coker. “Through our new plan, we hope to encourage creativity, learning, and enjoyment in the safety of our homes.”

Visits for All Access Arts online curriculum and visit Arts Council Oklahoma City’s Facebook page for live streaming experiences.

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