Verdean Evergarden – Visual Art Demo – Strata Tower


Feb 09 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Verdean Evergarden is a 21-year-old professional artist from Douglass High School in Oklahoma City who specializes in warm-tone abstract representations of beautiful people. He follows a philosophy that the world is a beautiful place full of beautiful people and wants his art to showcase the beauty that he sees all around him. He hopes his work can spark creativity in the next generation of artists and encourage them to pursue a career as an artist. He’s the winner of Arts Council OKC’s first ever Fresh Paint OKC:NYE Mural Project Competition and throughout his four-year career, he’s been featured in numerous Oklahoma City galleries at MUSE Art Tattoo, Book.ish, Artspace at UNTITLED, and the Paseo Arts Creativity Center.

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