Chloe Beth – singer/songwriter

  • Tuesday, July 02
    @ 12:00pm - 1:00pm

  • Underground
    Below 101 Park Ave. Oklahoma City, 73102

Anyone who has been fortunate enough to see one of Chloe-Beth’s performances have witnessed that force within.  This young and vibrant singer/songwriter is able to reach inside and express herself through her lyrics, weaving tales of love, life, and laughter with simple melodies. Her voice is pure, strong and beautiful just like her soul.

A born entertainer, Chloe-Beth began singing almost from the time she could speak.  Her musical roots and love of lyric and rhyme can be traced back to her early childhood.  “Music was always in the house -it was ingrained in me, and because of my mom’s influence I was always in-tune to music,”


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