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In this week’s Mosaic 50 post, All Access Arts Teaching Artist Leslie Hensley presents a fun art activity for Fall Break!

For over 30 years,  All Access Arts has provided music, dance, and visual arts education to under-served schools, libraries, OKC parks, and community agencies.  Today, the program serves approximately 20,000 people annually undertaking the initiative of access to the arts for all.

Learn how to make beautiful leaf prints at home by watching the video, or following the instructions below.  We hope this engaging fall project will inspire you to incorporate the arts into your Fall Break and beyond!

How to Make Leaf Prints


  • Leaves
  • Paper- dark colored construction paper or the inside of a paper grocery bag work best
  • Acrylic or tempera paint
  • Kitchen sponge cut into small pieces or a paint brush


  1.  Gather leaves from outside.  Choose a variety of different alive (green) leaves.
  2.  Using a piece of kitchen sponge or paint brush, cover the veiny side of the leaves with paint.  White or light colored paint will work best, but any paint will do.
  3.  Arrange leaves painted side down onto a piece of construction paper.
  4. Place another piece of paper ontop of the leaves.  Use fingers to press down on the leaves.
  5. Carefully remove top piece of papers, and leaves to reveal your leaf print.
  6. To finish the print, take a piece of kitchen sponge or paint brush and dab different colored paint around the leaf impressions.

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