Even if you never plan to set foot on a stage, knowing what a professional storyteller does in the process of crafting and delivering a tale allows you to enhance the stories you tell everyday—to your children at bedtime, in your conversational anecdotes, and in your presentations at work. Teachers, lawyers, clergy, coaches, parents, and anyone who wants to understand the power of stories to capture hearts and minds will benefit from the lessons presented in these workshops. You’ll have a little fun too!

All workshops are located in the Chesapeake Event Room at the Oklahoma History Center. Passes for each workshop are $10 or $25 for a day pass; Friday and Saturday workshop passes are $50; and a Festival pass is $75.


Wound to Gold

Teller: Megan Wells

When personal suffering becomes a shared story of wisdom, both teller and listener grow.  This practical workshop teaches a step by step method for mining our personal wounds, revealing the golden potential and crafting a universal story.  Please come with a short list of “hurts” that you would like to heal through the art and craft of storytelling.

Open Mic Storytelling

Teller: Territory Tellers
12:00pm-12:45pm – Free Event (Lunch not included)

Come share a story during the lunch hour on Friday. Take your turn at being a teller.

Personal Narrative, Culture and Myth

Teller: Jim May

This workshop will encourage participants to examine their own individual and family experiences in light of cultural influences, and the “myths” (truths) that guide our lives, as well as the “world myth’s” that have guided civilizations.

As these memories are recounted, stories emerge that tend to instill a profound sense of integration, understanding, and pride in family and culture, despite past histories that may range from imperfect to tragic.


Oklahoma Olio

Teller: Territory Tellers
12:00pm-12:45pm – Free Event (Lunch not included)

Local storytelling group, the Territory Tellers, will present a free concert.  Tellers are Oklahoma members of the statewide storytelling organization and will share a variety of stories while you enjoy lunch.

Rhythm This and Melody That

Teller: Charlotte Blake Alston
1:15pm – 2:45pm

Rhythm has always been an essential element in African and African American folk traditions including storytelling. As earth dwellers, we interact with and are influenced by rhythm from the moment of our conception. Charlotte shares her cultural rhythmic influences and invites you to explore the application of rhythm, music and song in stories and storytelling performance.

Finding Your Own Voice

Teller: Charlotte Blake Alston, Jim May and Megan Wells

This innovative and popular workshop session will focus on the process of building your own “identity” as a storyteller.  The featured tellers will create and share their unique perspective on the story of Apollo and Phaeton.  They will discuss their methods, techniques and creative motivations used in telling the story in their own distinct style.