Festival of the Arts

Go Green Initiative

Arts Council Oklahoma City is committed to making Festival of the Arts a sustainable event. This upcoming Festival of the Arts, entirely compostable or recyclable materials will be used at every food and drink location. We strive to minimize landfill waste and our carbon footprint. 

Stop by the Go Green tent at Festival of the Arts to learn more and to purchase plants that contribute to sustainability efforts in Oklahoma. A full plant list will be provided later. 

Ways to Go Green at Home 

Recycle: If you live in Oklahoma City, recycling has never been easier. There are a few rules to follow and it’s important to only recycle that which can be recycled. When in doubt, throw it out. For a complete list of “Do’s and Don’ts,” visit OKC.gov.

Reduce: Do you really need plastic bags from the grocery store? Can you think of alternatives to using plastic cutlery? From metal straws to reusable K-Cups, there are many ways to reduce your use of plastics each and every day. 

Reuse and Repurpose: Shop the thrift stores or garage sales before buying new. Find ways to reuse plastic bags. Composting your fruits and vegetables is a great way save space in landfills while simultaneously creating an excellent source of nutrition for your yard or garden. Here is an easy guide to start composting at home today!

Refuse: When offered styrofoam at a take-out restaurant, ask if they can provide a different container. Styrofoam is not biodegradable, which means every ounce of styrofoam created will stay on this planet… forever. And, burning styrofoam releases toxic chemicals that are bad for the ecosystem and your body. Consider bringing your own take-out boxes and straws when you eat out. Bring your own coffee cup too. Most gas stations will give you a discount on coffee if you use your own thermos (plus, it will stay warm longer too!) 

Becoming a Green Event

There are many ways to make your event sustainable. The Go-Green Initiative of Festival of the Arts has been years in the making, and we would love to help you work toward your green goals too. Please email Gilbert Magdaleno to learn more about ways to make your event earth-friendly. 


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