Pierce-Hart, Celtic trio

  • Thursday, February 14
    @ 12:00pm - 1:00pm

  • 21c Museum Hotel
    900 W Main St Oklahoma City, OK 73106

The Pierce-Hart Celtic Trio is made up of musicians Susan and Ellis Pierce and Tim Hart. The trio plays traditional Celtic (and sometimes jazz) tunes incorporating flute, whistles, guitars, and vocal harmonies. They love engaging their audience through laughter, song, and celebration, inviting children to play along with them on drums and other rhythmic instruments.

Pierce-Hart carries the listener to exciting new places, creating unique and heartfelt expressions blending musical forms and styles. Susan is a mom, a teacher, and an accomplished musician in multiple genres. She holds a master’s degree in music. Tim, a guitarist of thirty years, has traveled the world in the United States Air Force and now serves as a consultant to the University of Oklahoma.

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