Marilyn Artus – “Her Flag” demonstration

  • Monday, April 15
    @ 12:00pm - 1:00pm

  • Leadership Square
    211 North Robinson Avenue # 400 Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Marilyn Artus is an artist who explores the female experience in her works. Marilyn has also been a burlesque promoter, curator and female artist mentor. She has created shows that explore the suffragette era in the US, paid tribute to founding burlesque performers and continues to collide the many different stereotypes that women navigate through on a daily basis.

Some of the highlights of Marilyn’s art career so far have been Solo and group shows in Oklahoma and Washington, the first to receive the annual Brady Craft Alliance Award for Innovation in fiber arts in 2011 and in 2010 led an art making workshop at the Brooklyn Museum in New York in association with the retrospective exhibit ‘Seductive Subversion: Women Pop Artists, 1958-1968. She was selected to exhibit in the premier exhibit of “Elevate” on the guest room floor elevator lobbies at the 21c Museum Hotel in Oklahoma City.



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