Clay animals invade Melrose Park!

June 15, 2017 by Nick Caudle

AIP visit 6_14_17As part of our Art in the Park program this week, participants are creating a zoo of clay animals. Under the instruction of teaching artist Kristina Haden, young artists are learning proper techniques for a variety of clay tools, acrylic paints, and other materials to create clay sculptures. Encouraged to think creatively, the class created everything from dogs and cats to dragons and sea monsters. One participant even tackled a multi-piece elephant design after letting the teacher know she was feeling inspired, “I feel very confident today!”

Free and open to the public, Art in the Park, a partnership with the City of Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation Department, provides FREE summer arts classes for children ages 6-12 in parks and recreation centers across the city. Kids can enjoy hands-on, interactive arts classes including drama, music, printmaking, storytelling, and dance.

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