Adam and Kizzie and everything great about music

July 06, 2017 by Nick Caudle

Local artists Adam & Kizzie will be bringing the EEDO as they make their way around Oklahoma City metro libraries June 26th through July 1st. Well known and well loved around Oklahoma City, this duo puts a lot of life, love, and talent up on the stage, producing something truly special to experience. Kids, families, hipsters, wordsmiths, everyone can find something to appreciate.


“Our mission is to create art that comes from a genuine place. No lyric, melody, harmony or concept is born for the sake of selling records. We share our lives in this music. We advocate love, enlightenment and truth. We aim to honor God, the Father who gave us music – which is His language. EEDO!”

Neighborhood Arts brings in musical styles and performance arts to round out the cultural offerings available over the summer at local libraries around Oklahoma City. The performances are sponsored by the Metropolitan Library System, Arts Council Oklahoma City, National Endowment of the Arts, and the Oklahoma Arts Council, and aim to provide access to music, dance and visual arts education to the community.