Sculpture Park

“This year’s Sculpture Park represents some of the most active and prolific creatives in our state; showcasing installation, free-standing and small sculpture from styles pertaining to contemporary art realm. There exist an age old stereotype regarding art in Oklahoma but Oklahoma is not a one-trick-pony. The creative talent in this red dirt state rivals any other in our great nation. The selected sculptural works canvas styles from primitive to minimalist and demonstrate the profound ability, skill and creativity of Oklahoma’s artists.”

– Tony Morton, Gallery Director for Paseo Originals Art Gallery and 2014 Sculpture Park Curator.

Sculpture Park is located on the east lawn of Stage Center.

Site-Specific Artwork Created by Tanner Frady and Jason Pawley.

Sculpture Park artists are:

Rick Bewley OK
Tracey Bewley OK
Jim Dodson Jr. OK
Dan Garrett OK
Kendall  Howerton OK
Dean Imel OK
Harolyn Long OK
Brett McDanel IL
Don Narcomey   UT
David Phelps OK
Morgan Robinson OK
Collin Rosebrook OK
Barbara Scott OK
Joe Slack OK
Suzanne Wallace Mears OK
John Wolfe OK
Eric Wright OK